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The business of Business

I believe that we are lucky enough to work in (what I think is) a really cool industry. We start with a random site visit or an email introduction– something that seems very simple and mundane. Then, a few months, weeks (or sometimes only days) later, we produce and execute a full-scale event. And not only do we do it- but we do it really well. It’s amazing to think about all of the little parts and pieces that come together in order to make such an event happen.... All of the correspondence, all of the labor/equipment booking, all of the hours of prep and execution that go into pulling off an event that sometimes only lasts an hour or two. Ironically though, whether you are a production company producing events at a 5-Star hotel or a world-class convention center, or you are taking orders behind the counter at Dairy Queen– your business is the same.

See, business isn’t about the job (meaning, what tasks you complete), and it’s not even (directly) about making money. Business is about making people happy. I am happy to report that everyone on our team (both staff and freelance alike), have been doing an outstanding job of this. We have been getting excellent feedback from our clients, both about the quality of the service from our technicians, as well as the product that we provide them. I am extremely thankful for the strength that our team has, and I just want to encourage you to not ever confuse your job with your business. Your job– whether it be A/V tech, sales, accounting, or whatever– is important and vital to the success of your company. But ultimately, we are all in the business of making people happy. If our clients walk away feeling satisfied, two things will happen for us: We earn their trust (and therefore their money), and we earn their repeat/future business (and therefore yet again, their money). Of course revenue is important– we’d be a boarded up shop without it. But until we understand that revenue comes from customer contentment, and we realize that we are in the business of making people happy by providing unforgettable experiences, we will be selling ourselves and our clients short. As soon as you start chasing the dollar instead of client satisfaction- you've already lost. Next time you are in front of a client, I encourage you to take a moment and find a way to provide them with an experience that leaves them wanting more. It’s part of your job, and it’s the business of our Business.

“There is no greater thing you can do with you life and your work than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you.” - Sir Richard Branson

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