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Product Showcase: Breakout in a Box

February 2020

Any Venue Video’s newest addition to our arsenal of packaged products is our custom-designed audio Breakout-in-a-Box. This compact system boasts a 16-channel digital mixer capable of onboard EQ and dynamics, that can be controlled remotely via iPad or mobile device. The system also includes a Tascam stereo recorder, so that every session can be recorded to a drive, then immediately transferred to a client for quick and easy handoff.

The system also includes 4 channels or wireless Shure microphones, which can be used in any combination of handheld, lavalier, and headset microphones (all of which are included in the kit). Lastly, the box contains three drawers with custom cutouts that hold all microphones, antennas, batteries, cables, and even a podium microphone. All of this is powered via a battery backup, so a temporary loss in power will not result in damaged equipment, or incomplete recordings.

Having a packaged system helps cut down on labor, as these “roll-and-go” systems can be deployed very quickly, reducing the amount of time it takes to set a room. Multiply this by the number of breakout rooms, and you start to see exponential savings- not to mention the clean and uniformed look of the system.

Contact AVV today to ask about having these system utilized in your breakout rooms!

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